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Amazon Web Services 

Build your cloud computing future in the world’s greatest, fastest growing and  most secure cloud - Amazon Web Services (AWS) with us. CCW is AWS registered consulting partner

By using CCW as the AWS Cloud consulting partner you will only focus on services, software and processes you need for your business. We make sure you get the most secure, highly availaible, fast to deploy, scalable and cutting edge IT services in the best price.

AWS cloud offers over 175 fully featured services including elastic computing, sql, nosql databases, video and voice streaming, big data and business intelligence, machine learning, IoT and lots more.

CCW has certified consultants in the area of

  • development of the autonomous, highly avalaible, scalable and elastic customer interaction solutions in the AWS cloud,
  • transformation and migration of your on-site IT infrastructure in either full cloud or hybrid cloud IT architecture,
  • IoT,
  • planning, training and deploying machine learning models in the AWS cloud,
  • SaaS, IaaS, PaaS
  • high availaible, scalable and elastic cloud contact centers,

We are passionate cloud developers leveraging cloud strengths such a scalability, elasticity, high availaibility, serverless to deliver modern and cutting edge IT solutions.

To read more about AWS cloud visit the page 


Check out our certificates :


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ocilogoresize2Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 

The next-generation cloud designed to run any application, faster and more securely, for less..Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). The only cloud that delivers complete cloud services around the world, across clouds, or in your data center such as  Multicloud, Public cloud, Hybrid cloud and Dedicated cloud..  OCI offers more than 100 service in more than 45 regions. The most know diamond is the autonomoud database on exadata, analytical mySQL Heatwave, AI services, high performance computing and digital assistant.

CCW has certified experts for following areas:

  • OCI architecting
  • lift a shift to OCI
  • multicloud infrastructure and solutions
  • disaster recovery a backup with OCI
  • db backups in OCI
  • autonomous DB
  • MySQL HeatWave Database Service
  • chatbot base on Oracle Digital Assistant in OCI cloud
  • OCI cloud infrastructure for Oracle  Siebel CRM incl. migration
  • application development for cloud OCI
  • AI/ML services in OCI


Our certifications :

ocif2023ca oci23mccaocdmf2023oci23aifca

More about  OCI : https://www.oracle.com/sk/cloud/