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CRM – (Customer Relationship Management) managing the customer relationships and customer journey and 360 degrees overview on customer are the key factors for the company success. We will offer you all the needed IT solutions.

Oracle Siebel CRM oracle_silver_partner

Our focus and strength is delivering, customizing and integrating the most robust, largest CRM solution Oracle Siebel CRM. Siebel CRM is designed for large enterprise companies from telecommunication, financial services, insurance, energy, pharmaceutical and public sectors.

More information: http://www.oracle.com/us/products/applications/siebel/crm-technology/overview/index.html


Siebel Upgrade

We are leaders in planning and performing Siebel CRM upgrade. We plan and deliver large upgrades between major version as well as yearly incremental repository merge (IRM). Incremental repository merge is the recommended approach to keep up with Oracle innovations and features.

  • For the customer from telecommunication sector we delivered upgrade from Siebel 8.0 to (IP2013) to proof the feasibility and estimate the final project for the Siebel upgrade.
  • for the client from insurance sector we delivered proof of concept and feasibility for upgrade from Siebel CRM IP2013 to Siebel IP15. The PoC was successful and all found issues we could fix so customer decide to upgrade his productive Siebel CRM IP2013 to Siebel CRM IP15 within regular release. Successful Siebel upgrade allowed our customer the migration to the Open UI technology between 2 main releases only within 6 months

Open UI migration

We are experts to plan, design and deliver migration for the Oracle Siebel CRM from ActiveX to Open UI technology. We can design and customize the user interface of your Siebel CRM to your corporate design guidelines.


With the new Open UI technology we can improve processes in the way less clicks and user interactions are needed. Your processes will be faster and more efficient.

  • for our client from insurance sector we participated on Proof of concept and feasibility for the migration from Siebel CRM ActiveX to Open UI technology for the IP2013 version. PoC showed after 3 Months feasibility of Open UI migration, identified issues and gave us the time and cost estimate. The results were later used for successful Open UI migration for the Siebel CRM IP15.
  • For the client from insurance we delivered the proof of concept for the upgrade to Siebel CRM Open UI Partner Portal upon IP2014 version. This upgrade was potentially improving user acceptance and experience for the insurance partners
  • Using the experience gathered from previous proof of concepts and feasibilities we delivered for our customer from insurance sector a successful Open UI migration for their call center, CRM and partner portal upon Siebel CRM IP15.
  • Our client decided for very ergonomic and user friendly design guideline. After successful migration many issues were resolved and it opened new approaches and possibilities how to use their CRM.

Multichannel integration

Extending the Siebel CRM into portal application for all customer channels such as Self-care, Partner Portal. Call Center, eShop is the key success to improve customer journey and decrease costs. We are partner of company, which developed multichannel extension for Oracle Siebel CRM. We can design and deliver for you CRM for all needed channels.


Performance tuning

We are expert to improve performance for Oracle Siebel CRM. Very often during Siebel CRM development the performance becomes poor. With Open UI migration the performance gets also worse. We have valuable know how and experience to fix it and improve the performance in order to have most value from Oracle Siebel CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

For small and medium companies we offer Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With the sales, services, marketing, project management, finance and analytical module covers all the areas for customer journey. It also offers mobility and full integration with Microsoft software products such as Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word, and Reporting.

More information: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/home

Your partner for CRM Solutions:

Martin Piekov,
Email: martin.piekov@ccw.sk,
M: +421908036873

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