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For Oracle Siebel CRM we making Open UI Migration and Upgrade

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Oracle Siebel CRM 22.7+ Updates

28. 9. 2022

Oracle continues bringing new features for Siebel CRM every month. Here are those for Oracle Siebel CRM 22.7+

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Improved way of handling contact center customer interactions

26. 8. 2022

Slovak telecommunications operator, for which we have been implementing extensions to its contact center client application, we have implemented a fundamental change that will make it easier for contact agents to handle customer interactions. In addition to making it easier, the service time will also be faster.

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From our blog

Intelligent comparison of SiebelMessage XMLs with xmlunit

14. 9. 2022

Our customer has the need to replace existing middleware with a new one based on Kafka. Requirement was to produce the same events with the new messaging platform as with current one, to keep existing functionality processing the messages in Oracle Siebel CRM untouched and unchanged. To support Kafka development team, we were given the task to develop XML comparison tool that will run in the Production environment and compare in parallel received Siebel XML messages from current integration middleware and from Kafka

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How to test angular mobile web app in android os from dev pc mockapi

26. 8. 2022

 Useful tip how to test mobile web app with android

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