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Integration of Siebel CRM and Google Maps eases vehicle transport process

30. 7. 2019

The assistance department of Swiss insurance uses Oracle Siebel CRM as a main claim resolving system. Recently, there has been a requirement to extend their vehicle transport process within CRM. The aim of the extension of the process was integration with Google Maps geocoding and route planner services, allowing users to see vehicle transportation routes represented by Siebel Activity entity in Google Maps.

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CTI integration of Genesys Workspace Desktop and campaign module of mobile operator web-portal

2. 7. 2019

In recent days, the O2 mobile operator has launched the new campaign module of its O4 portal. O4 portal has recently become the main customer system of the mobile operator and is gradually enriched with modules that were part of the previous CRM system.

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From our blog

How to inspect memory leaks in tomcat server for Siebel JavaBusinessServices

13. 5. 2019

 In this blog we would like to share our experience debugging and inspecting possible memory leaks problem in Siebel JavaBusinessServices which jar are deployed in the tomcat.

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Fix for Opening Excessive Number of Connections when using Send of Siebel EAI JMS Transport Business Service

1. 5. 2019

Fix for Issue of Opening Excessive Number of Connections when using method Send of Siebel EAI JMS Transport Business Service in Oracle Siebel CRM versions from IP18 to IP19.2

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