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News CCW

CCW trained and certified AWS Partner

1. 7. 2022

CCW is trained and certified AWS partner for technical, business and cloud econonomics areas.

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Oracle Siebel CRM Statement of Direction

13. 5. 2022

 Oracle announced new statement of direction for the Siebel CRM.

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From our blog

Validation of the html input control in angular for the swiss license plates

21. 7. 2022

 We give example how we were solving html input control validation in the angular framework for the license plate of the swiss cars in the selfcare assistance app.

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JUnit testing for Siebel CRM Email Inbound functionality and processes

13. 5. 2022

 JUnit testing for Siebel CRM Email Inbound functionality and processes. How to test that inbound email response is after daily build working. There can be processes which follow receiving an email into Siebel CRM. This is a big help to have junit test for email inbound within Siebel CRM.

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