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Artificial Intelligence

ai_ml1Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will play a key role in the near future of your company and customer journey as well as in the company's internal processes. Deploying AI will be a crucial decision for success and survival in a today competitive environment in near future.
The introduction of AI will have a major impact not only on  customer journey but also on cost reduction.
Our company CCW s.r.o. combines more than 25 years of experience in the market with over 12 years of experience in system integration of key enterprise IT systems in area of CRM, call center and multichannel commerce.
We have specialists, consultants and researchers with registered patents in the field of IT and telecommunication, research articles and with years of research practice and academic experience. We are in touch with AI about 15 years , which predestines us to successfully apply AI and ML to the needs of CX solutions .
In the framework of innovative in-house processes, we are focusing on the application of AI and ML in CX systems. We have the following applications ready for you:

  1. Chatbot
    80% of customer communications can be served with well-designed and trained chatbots, which then saves worldwide € 60 billion in payroll costs for businesses.
    60% of customers want easier access to self-service portals via chatbot. More than half of the big companies in 2020 are more likely to spend more on chatbots than on mobile apps.
    Chatbot, who understands the Slovak language and is trained to communicate precisely in the field of expertise the company is dealing with is a solution that we can guide you to on your journey.
    For telecommunication companies it will help improve technical support, uide customers with telecommunication services configuration. For insurance companies it can assure the entering of claims or to get the right insurance customer is interested to.
    Chatbot serves as the first communication point in a form that is the most natural except for speech or interactive chatting. It is supposed to be one of the most used forms of interaction in the near future. Many web sites and portals will be replaced by chatbots.
    We have prepared and tested solutions for chatbots as well as steps to their correct learning and subsequent integration into services and corporate IT calls.
    We will guide you all through the design of architecture, installation, learning and integration of chatbot. We are partners of the biggest platforms for chatbots and therefore we will choose the ideal solution. chatbot2
    Typical steps in the successful way of deploying chatbots are:
    1. Identification of the user journeys
    2. Preparing a business plan
    3. Suggestion of the bitch
    4. Implement and teach chatbot
    5. Connect to backend systems
    6. Start the test run to collect the data needed for learning

    Start your new chatbot experience and implementation journey with us now !

  2. Automate your IT processes, especially CRM and multichannel solutions

    Usage pattern tracking (UPT) together with Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Machine Learning (ML) enables business automation of processes in your IT systems which accompanies your users or customers in the operation and their journey accross your IT systems.
    By UPT in systems enough information is gathered to train a neural network. Then AI will know typical repetitive tasks to do for a user or will suggest the right step and task map to fullfill the goal.
    Many routine CRM activities such as activity check, sorting, search for dissatisfied customers, order fullfilment control, refinement of service requests can take on artificial intelligence.
    Typical steps leading to automation of processes using artificial intelligence are:

    1. Identification of key processes
    2. Get UPT data from real users
    3. Designing correct processes and removing deadlocks
    4. Learning the neural network to perform identified tasks
    5. Deploying the teach neural network by ML to predict agent and customer behavior
    6. Deploying artificial intelligence to perform identified processes
    7. Test run
    8. Based on the trained neural network, re-engagement and sequential automation of other processes
  3. IT Security

    Artificial Intelligence, based on the large amount of collected data from the IT system's operation, can instantly detect deviations and suspicious events. It has a robustness and speed that no administrator can achieve.
    In the case of an attack prediction, it can instantly act and secure your IT systems against any abuse. Oracle Database uses these techniques in their new Oracle 18c database.
    With knowledge of artificial intelligence, neural network learning and business analysis, we are most effective in securing your critical IT systems.

    Typical steps to deploy artificial intelligence to security:

    1. Identification of critical safety-critical systems
    2. Designing preventive steps to protect data and system misuse
    3. Identify the logs needed to monitor the typical operation of the system
    4. Collect data of a typical operation to train artificial intelligence to learn patterns of behavior
    5. Define an abnormality from a typical operation as an attacker
    6. Implementation of attack detection steps
    7. Constant data collection and precision recognition of traffic patterns and attacks in the test run
    8. Putting into production system

    We know and have know how to implement other uses of artificial intelligence and learning such as image processing, data mining, speech recognition. Contact us if you are interested !